Training Division

Tips, Tools and Techniques

The training of police officers remains one of the most vital functions of the Lake Oswego Police Department. Over the years, the training function of the department has grown into an effective and efficient method of producing professional and competent officers.

The training program, coordinated by Officer Mike Brady, encourages officers and supervisors to follow their particular interests and expand their knowledge as they instruct their peers. The average LOPD officer obtains approximately 120 hours of training each year within various areas of instruction including firearms, defensive tactics, cultural diversity, dealing with the mentally ill, emergency vehicle operation and a myriad other subjects. We are proud to say that this has helped our officers to be some of the best trained police officers in the state.

Our officers also read daily training bulletins each shift about many of the low-frequency, high-risk situations we face in law enforcement. These topics include vehicle pursuit management, terrorism, search and seizure issues, as well as personnel matters. After reading about each topic, the officer answers a test question about the topic. This daily training helps the officer to stay familiar with our policies and procedures, and helps them to prepare to handle whatever situations they are confronted with.

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LOPD Active Shooter Training