2016 Winning Photos

In 2016, 234 photographs were submitted for the annual Photo Contest. While we received many exceptional photographs, these stood out in their respective category:

Category 1 – Life in Lake Oswego
First Place:  This Way by Michael Berger
Second Place:  Colorful Trolley by Susan Mann
Third Place:  Old & New at Wizer's Block by Susan Mann

Category 2 – Places in Lake Oswego
First Place:  Fall Colors by Holly Gibson
Second Place:  Polaris by Michael Berger
Third Place:  Night Talk by Tom Riddle

Category 3 – People of Lake Oswego
First Place:  Kindergarten Walk on Arbor Day by Paul Lyons
Second Place:  Childrens Garden - Fun in the Mud by Pam Helling
Third Place:  Boy and Hammer by John Gladwell

Category 4 – Positive Aging in Lake Oswego
First Place:  Joyful Lions by Sarah DeMerritt
Second Place:  Senior Artists by Pam Helling

Category 5 – Pets
First Place:  Jax Mid Air by Drew Wolfe
Second Place:  Baseball Pup by Grace Bauer
Third Place:  Park Ranger by Susan Mann

Category 6 – Youth
First Place:  Buck in Backyard by William Mayhew
Second Place:  Cat Eyes by Anna Seely

Honorable Mention
Farmers' Market Lunch Break by Bill Eklund
(look for new category in 2017: Digitally altered photographic images)

The City would like to thank everyone for submitting their wonderful photos!