2023 Unsung Heroes

Meet Your Community’s Unsung Heroes for 2023!

We kicked off 2024 by highlighting our community's Unsung Heroes. This was our 22nd year of recognizing community members for their impactful volunteer efforts. Join the City in honoring those who selflessly volunteer their time, passion, and talents through community service, all of whom volunteer without seeking recognition for enriching our Lake Oswego community.

Jan Rimerman

Jan brings her love and her passion for our great city as an active volunteer with the Festival of the Arts and Lake Oswego Library. Jan has provided behind the scenes efforts as a curator for the Lakewood Center’s Festival of Arts and art shows at the Dee Denton Gallery. She has recruited 20 plus artists for the past 15 years for the Lake Oswego Reads program. Through this extremely time-intensive project, she works with artists to develop an art show at the Lakewood Center, films a video to educate the public about the LO Reads program, hosts the live art event on the first Monday of every April and then coordinates the art show’s travel to nine libraries around the state. 

Charles Aubin

Charles’s volunteer experience is far and wide, as well as time-telling. Many of you have seen Charles at Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation events, such as concerts and the Farmers’ Market volunteering in some capacity for about 20 years. In addition, one will find Charles at the Adult Community Center once a month brightening the day as a dining room server for the Meals on Wheels program. His volunteerism doesn’t stop there—he’s volunteered with the Lake Oswego Arts Festival for 20 years and with our local food pantry—the Hunger Fighters of Oregon for 5 years. Charles also shares his time and talent beyond Lake Oswego with Tryon Creek State Park, Tualatin River Keepers, Portland Audubon Society and the Oregon Humane Society.

Ophilia Lu

As our youngest recipient, Ophilia brings great promise and hope to our Lake Oswego and broader community. She is recognized by the Chinese Youth and Women Development Organization for lending over 250 hours of her time and for fostering stronger connections this organization and local entities. Blair Woodfield, President of the Chinese Youth and Women Development Organization, shared this about Ophilia, “...Her influence extends beyond mere participation, as she actively encourages those around her to embrace personal development and extend care to fellow community members…”  A noted accomplishment — Ophilia scripted and directed a show featuring Han Fu, a style of Chinese wear, to promote Chinese fashion at the Asian Culture Festival held at Lake Oswego High School. In addition, Ophilia volunteers with VisionEnvoy — a youth-run branch of the Lions Club and has participated with events like the Cultural Xchange, the 4th of July Pancake Breakfast and Buddy Walks.

Thank You to the recipients of this year’s Unsung Hero Award who make our Lake Oswego community a better place to live, work and play!

Lake Oswego's 2023 Unsung Heroes (Photo Courtesy of Lake Oswego Review)
Left to right: Mayor Joe Buck, Charles Aubin, Ophilia Lu, Councilor Massè
ne Mboup. Upper right: Jan Rimerman