Chickens and Roosters

City of Lake Oswego regulations do not restrict chickens or roosters.  Applicable city code and enforcement actions relate to the noise ordinance. There are regulations impacting the building of a chicken coop. 

Please check with the Planning Department, at 503-635-0290, to determine if there are any setbacks impacting where you can put a chicken coop.

As with any neighbor to neighbor concern, the first step to consider is talking with your neighbor to make them aware of the impact of the activity on their property on you.  If you need assistance talking with your neighbor, feel free to call the Public Information Office - Mediation Services, at 503-635-0257.  If talking to your neighbor doesn't feel like an option or it has not helped, information on how to report the noise violations is below.

Reporting Noise Violations from Chickens and Roosters

If you would like to report noisy chickens or a rooster(s), here is the process: 

  • Determine address of chickens/rooster(s); if you do not know if the address is in the City limits see the In City Limits or County section below.
  • If the address is in Lake Oswego, note times when the chickens are noisy or the rooster is crowing and keep for reporting purposes or report noise when it is occurring to:
    • Weekdays - Report to code enforcement at 503-699-7473. Code enforcement is open 8-5, Monday through Friday.
    • Weekends, Evenings, Early Mornings - If you are calling in a complaint, while there is noise, and it is not 8 – 5, M-F,  file a complaint with the Police Dispatch (503-635-0238) at the time is noise is occurring.  An officer will respond and investigate the complaint.

In City of Lake Oswego or Unincorporated County?

To learn if you or a residence/business is inside the City of Lake Oswego boundary, please go to the interactive map at Enter in the address in question. All properties on the Interactive Map in the light yellow are inside the City.  The map also shows the City Limit line and indicates the “inside” side by saying ”Lake Oswego” along the boundary and indicates the “outside” side by saying “County” or “West Linn” or "Portland", etc.

If you or the chicken/rooster live in Unincorporated Clackamas County here is information about the rules and how to get more information.   

Chickens (and roosters) are allowed in all areas of the County, but in areas within the urban area and/or residential zoning districts there are restrictions. For those restrictions, please see Section 821 of the Clackamas County Zoning and Development Ordinance.  Further questions in Clackamas County about the code or for enforcement should be sent to the Planning and Zoning Division at 503-742-4500 or online at


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