Citizen Information Center

Welcome to Lake Oswego’s Citizen Information Center 

Part of the City Manager's - Public Affairs department, the Citizen Information Center (CIC) assists citizens with navigating City departments, provides information on City programs and services, and helps facilitate and resolve issues. These issues may include neighborhood complaints, noise, parking, barking dogs, neighbor to neighbor conflicts and any number of concerns and questions citizens may have (see examples on the list to the left).   

How to reach us:

Phone:  503-635-0257
Email:  Citizen Information Center at
Mail or in person:  Citizen Information Center, 380 A Ave, Lake Oswego, OR  97034

What kind of assistance can you get in the CIC?

The CIC staff can answer an array of questions on or about the City as a community, as well as provide information on departments, staff, projects and services provided by the City of Lake Oswego.

When should I contact the CIC Office?

  • Don't know who to call?  Contact the CIC when you do not know who to contact regarding any issue.
  • Concerns.  Contact the CIC if you have a concern regarding your interaction with any City department that was not satisfactory or if you have neighborhood/neighbor concerns.
  • New to town.  The CIC can also provide resources that may be helpful to new residents in addition to long-time community members.


If I have an issue with my neighbor how can the CIC help me?

The City provides free mediation that enables people in conflict or disagreement to resolve their differences with the assistance of an impartial third party-mediator.  This is a shared problem-solving process.  This process is voluntary, free of charge, impartial, effective, available after hours and confidential.