Community Survey

The City of Lake Oswego conducts a community survey every other year to get feedback and opinions about city services and policy issues. The City Council and City Manager use the information to prioritize services and guide Council policy discussions.

In April 2015, the community survey was conducted on behalf of the city by CFM Strategic Communications to assess community opinions on the quality of life in the City, satisfaction with the performance of City government, and to rate priorities for the Council to consider. The results show that residents continue to have a very favorable opinion of their city. Overall, residents rate the City 8.6, on a ten-point scale, as a place to live. Results also show that satisfaction with city government improved slightly in 2015 and that residents rated street maintenance (70%) as the highest priority for the City Council to work on during the next 18 months, followed by maintenance of parks and open space (62%). In addition, results show that the Lake Oswego Review (56%) and Hello LO (55%) remain the two most popular sources for local news.

The 2015 Community Survey also tested for opinions on regulations (specifically the tree code), level of support for a public/private partnership to build a fiber optic network, and tracked changes in opinions from previous surveys.  After hearing two statements about the city tree code regulations, 54% agreed with the statement that “homeowners should be allowed to remove one or two trees every five years from the private property without a city permit.”  For the fiber optic network question, a 59% majority favored the City pursuing a public private partnership for much faster internet service.

In addition to the statistically valid telephone survey of 350 city residents, the City also offered an online survey which resulted in 1,260 responses.  Thank you to everyone who participated.

The results of the survey were presented to the City Council on May 19.


Past Community Surveys are available in Adobe PDF format for printing or perusal. Survey results, in the form of citizen opinions on a variety of community issues are provided.