Honoring Veterans Campaign - Darryl Wrisley

Veteran, Marine Corps 

I was really into team sports in high school and the military seemed to be a way to continue that team atmosphere. I choose the Marine Corp, because really, is there anything other than the Marine Corp?

I enlisted three times. During my first enlistment, I was a Field Radio operator. I tell people that I was a professional camper since, we were in the field most of the time. During my second enlistment, I was an Aviation Ordinance Equipment Repair Technician, then became a Chemical Technician. I also taught Marines how to fix the electronic systems on aircraft. My third enlistment was in the USMC Reserves where I went back into teaching Radio Operators (just couldn’t get enough camping!)

During my time in the USMC, I was stationed at Camp Pendleton and 29 Palms in California; NAS Memphis; Yuma, Arizona; Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune in North Carolina; Guam, Philippines; and MCAS El Toro, California. We moved from one base to another quite often. I remember the camaraderie, everyone was always welcoming whenever we arrived at a new base. Some of the most memorable times I had while in the service, was being in the Philippines at Jungle Survival School,  swimming in the crystal clear waters of Guam, and, of course, Marine Corp parties. I loved being in the Marine Corp, not the moving so much, but being part of the greatest military branch in the world is pretty cool. I left the service as a Sergeant E-5.

In the USMC, I learned that, although there are many challenges in life, there isn’t anything you can’t overcome. Quitting is never an option. In the Marine Corp, you gain the mindset that you can do anything!

When asked about military service, I tell people that it is something that you’ll never regret and can be proud of for the rest of your life.

Today, I am a Police Lieutenant for the City of Lake Oswego.  I oversee the Detective and Traffic Divisions and am the Honor Guard Commander. And, carrying on the USMC tradition, I still get a haircut every two weeks and always put my left shoe on first. I look forward to retiring in a few years and spending a lot of time with my family and new grandson!

I’d like to thank all of those who have served and are currently serving! Semper Fi

I do wish people were truly aware of the sacrifices these men and women give to serve their country. Without actually being there it’s difficult to understand.