Name an Unsung Hero ~ 2022

Our City Council is looking for Unsung Heroes of Lake Oswego!

Each year the City of Lake Oswego’s “Unsung Hero” Award honors someone or a group who has worked quietly behind the scenes on behalf of the community without any expectation of recognition.  This award is intended to seek out and recognize someone or a group of community members, including students, who have been involved in volunteering but not generally well-known by the general public for the good deeds they do. We want to celebrate both long-time volunteers and the volunteers who stepped up, some for the first time, as new volunteers to help our community. 

We want to know who those heroes are and say Thank You!

This Unsung Hero Award honors someone who demonstrates the following traits and qualities:

  • Behind-the-scenes effort to bring meaningful and positive change in the lives of Lake Oswego community.
  • Consistent excellence, enthusiasm, creativity, and persistence on behalf of the community in a manner which generally has not been recognized in any other way.
  • Elicits respect and is a positive role model in the community.
  • Promotes the spirit of community involvement by helping others with no intention of personal gain.

Additional qualifications:

  • Is not paid for the contribution
  • Has not been widely recognized for the service
  • Is neither an elected or appointed official, nor is employed by the City
  • Performs the efforts within the city or the greater Lake Oswego area

If you know someone or a group, who was a hero long-term or short term, please take a moment to submit your story, we want to know!  Deadline for submission is Monday, December 5, 9:00 AM.

Awards will be presented at a City Council meeting December 20.

Please call the City Manager's Office at 503-635-0215 for more information.

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