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The Lake Oswego Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining infrastructure systems throughout the City to ensure they are working correctly, efficiently, and that the life of our assets is maximized. Streets, Water, Sewer, Stormwater, Motor Pool and City Beautification maintenance programs make up the department with each responsible for their own infrastructure system.

Here at Public Works, we take pride in providing utility maintenance to help make Lake Oswego a great place to live.

News & Announcements

Fish on the Run, Irrigation Done!

Lake Oswego and the Clackamas River Water Providers are are asking our customers to help keep water in the Clackamas River - our water source - for the fall fish runs. River levels are significantly low right now, so let’s make sure there is enough water for the Coho and Fall Chinook species by reducing or shutting off outdoor watering.

Participate in the "Fish on the Run, Irrigation Done" annual campaign and take the pledge to receive a free yard sign. The more water we can conserve, the easier this journey will be for these threatened and endangered salmon species!

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Drinking Water and Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS)

Lake Oswego currently meets or exceeds all federal and state requirements for water quality testing. PFAS is an emerging issue that all water providers and systems across the nation are experiencing. The City is closely tracking news about detections of PFAS in drinking water around the country, as well as the EPA’s newly proposed PFAS drinking water regulations. We are committed to protecting public health.

Fortunately, Lake Oswego and Tigard’s drinking water is at low risk for PFAS, and PFAS have not been detected in our drinking water from the Clackamas River.

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2023 Drinking Water Quality Report

Clean drinking water is an essential resource we rely on every day. Providing residents and businesses in Lake Oswego with safe, dependable, high-quality water is our top priority. 

Lake Oswego’s tap water meets or exceeds every State and Federal standard for safe drinking water. Get to know your drinking water by reviewing the latest 2023 Water Quality Report



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Connecting the World Through Public Works

Public Works professionals operate at the heart of our community to connect us all through infrastructure and service. Thank you for joining us May 21-27 for National Public Works Week, as we went behind-the-scenes in a video series and showcase some of our unsung heroes working in Public Works in Lake Oswego! 

Covering everything from Geographic Information Systems and Engineering, to City Beautification and Surface, Wastewater and Water Systems, these seven public works professionals will be sharing their stories about their favorite and least favorite aspects of public works, unique elements of working in Lake Oswego, and things they would love the public to know more about! 

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Smart Water Meter Project

The City is updating outdated, manually-read water meters to a new, wireless-read technology. These smart meters support efficiencies in our water system. We are replacing nearly 12,000 residential meters city-wide. More than 3,000 meters have already been installed in the northwest corner of the city. 

In early 2023, contractors are installing meters in the Forest Highlands, North Shore Country Club, Evergreen and First Addition neighborhoods, working clockwise towards the remaining neighborhoods on the south side of the lake. 

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Lead and Drinking Water - Free test kits available

The main source of lead in drinking water is typically from household plumbing or components associated with service lines. We offer free lead testing to our water customers. If you are concerned about the levels of lead in your home, you can pick up a test kit and instructions at the 2nd floor reception desk at City Hall.  For questions about lead testing or your drinking water, call the Water Treatment Plant at 503-635-0394.

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