Connecting the World Through Public Works

Public Works professionals operate at the heart of our community to connect us all through infrastructure and service. During National Public Works Week, May 21-27 2023, let’s recognize and celebrate their tireless efforts as they:

  • Respond to emergencies and natural disasters such as winter weather events, wind storms, earthquakes, and floods,
  • Deliver clean, safe and reliable drinking water to our taps,
  • Keep the street lights on and operate our transportation system,
  • Maintain our beautiful medians and public spaces,
  • Keep our toilets flushing,
  • Sweep our streets clean,
  • Manage our stormwater system,
  • Maintain our fleet of vehicles
  • Provide survey and mapping services,
  • Design and build pathways, sidewalks, roads, pipes, and pump stations, and
  • Keep our residents informed about City issues and events.

Our community relies heavily on Public Works in order to sustain our overall public health, high quality of life and well-being. They ensure our essential services are always there when we need them.

Behind-the-Scenes Video Series!

This week we go behind-the-scenes with some of our public works heroes in a video series! Covering everything from Geographic Information Systems and Engineering, to City Beautification and Surface, Wastewater and Water Systems, these public works professionals will be sharing their stories about their favorite and least favorite aspects of public works, unique elements of working in Lake Oswego, and things they would love the public to know more about!  

Video One: Celebrate National Public Works Week in LO

To kickstart, part one features Public Works Director, Erica Rooney and Deputy Public Works Director, Eddie Van Buren sharing what Public Works means to our community, how the Public Works Department operates in Lake Oswego, and what to expect this week! 

Video Two: Meet Your Public Works Heroes

Part two of our five-part video series features seven of our Public Works heroes sharing what a typical day is like in their field of work and their favorite or least favorite parts of their jobs!

Video Three: Learn More About Public Works 

Part three of our five-part video series features seven of our Public Works heroes sharing one thing that they would like customers to know more about public works. 

Video Four: How Public Works Connects Us

Part four of our five-part video series features seven of our Public Works heroes sharing how Public Works connects all of us every day.

Video Five: Unique Aspects of Public Works in LO

Part five features our Public Works professionals sharing what is unique about working in Public Works in Lake Oswego. 

Library Activities

The LO Public Library is also celebrating Public Works Week with the following activities and events!

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