Erosion Control Permit and Information

Lake Oswego is committed to protecting the environment of the city and the surrounding area through its Stormwater Management Utility. In an effort to further protect our water sources, Erosion Control Permits are required for construction projects under any of the following circumstances:

  • Any construction that exceeds 500 square feet of land disturbance.
  • Any commercial landscaping which exceeds 500 square feet of land disturbance.
  • Any construction activity within 50 feet of a water body.
  • Any single family landscaping that requires the installation or removal of more than 50 cubic yards of fill, or installation of a major site feature (i.e., swimming pool, parking pad, patio, etc.).

Lake Oswego has adopted the "Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Planning and Design Manual" as the standard reference for erosion control best management practices (BMP's).  View the manual online.

Even when an erosion control permit is not required, property owners and other responsible parties need to ensure that soils, sediments, and other materials do not leave the job site and enter the surface water management system or nearby lakes, streams, or other waterways.  This is especially important when soil disturbing activities are occurring within 50 feet of a natural resource area or waterway.

The City also participates in the Regional Erosion Prevention Awards Program.  We are excited to have been a member of the organizing committee for this program in which was established in 2003.  Currently, eighteen jurisdictions participate in this annual event representing various municipalities within Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington, Clark, and Marion Counties in Oregon and the City of Vancouver in Washington.

Each participating jurisdiction presents two awards to those permit holders who demonstrate exceptional erosion prevention, best management practices.  Each year, one award is presented to a single-family site and one presented to a development site, such as:  commercial, multi-family, subdivision, or linear project.  The goal is to encourage erosion prevention practices during construction, provide uniformity and consistency across jurisdictional boundaries, and develop strong partnerships within the building community.

Sponsorship for this event comes from leaders within the industry.  Past sponsors have included the Home Builders Association Metropolitan Portland, PGE Earth Advantage, Associated General Contractors, Daily Journal of Commerce, Erosion Control Northwest, Parr Lumber, and Home Depot.

If you are not sure whether your project will require an Erosion Control Permit, please e-mail Tim Roberts, Erosion Control Specialist, or call him at 503.697.6511.   You may also consult Lake Oswego City Code 52.02.040 for further details.

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