Lakeview Blvd. Realignment

This project is a realignment of the existing “tee” or 3-leg intersection of Lakeview Boulevard as it meets Jean Road in the Rosewood neighborhood of southwest Lake Oswego. Currently, Lakeview enters Jean at a 45-degree angle. The project will realign Lakeview with a horizontal curve that will join Jean Road at a typical 90-degree angle.

This project will build the following amenities:

  • 2 shared use travel lanes (14’ wide to accommodate bikes and vehicles with an 18” concrete gutter pan)
  • Concrete curbing on both sides of the roadway
  • 6’ wide concrete sidewalk on the north/west side of Lakeview
  • 6’ wide concrete sidewalk on the south side of Jean Road
  • ADA curb ramps at the corners
  • STOP sign (reinstalled) for Lakeview traffic
  • 3.5’ landscaping strip between the curb and sidewalk, includes street trees
  • Catch basins and underground pipes to capture stormwater and reduce flooding
  • Continuation of Jean Road cross section with 2 travel lanes, sidewalks and striped bike lanes
  • Beautifully landscaped rain garden in the SE corner of the intersection

Perpendicular (90-degree) intersections are preferable and this project will improve the turning movements of all vehicles approaching Jean Road or turning from Lakeview Boulevard. Elimination of the skew will improve roadway and pedestrian safety, reduce turning space needed for freight vehicles, and provide better sight lines to estimate approaching traffic. Along with roadway improvements, the roadside treatments will include sidewalks, landscape plantings, and new stormwater collection and treatment. The environmental benefits include treatment of the collected stormwater, which helps our groundwater, streams, and rivers receive clean water; the added landscape plantings have been chosen to, not only beautify the intersection, but to clean the stormwater, improve air quality, and provide screening of residential properties.          

This work is expected to take about three months to complete. Construction could start spring/summer 2018.

Future Projects
Approved by City Council on June 7, 2016, the Southwest Employment Area (SWEA) Plan identified this intersection realignment project, as well as full improvements to Lakeview Boulevard/65th Avenue/McEwan Road. These roads will eventually contain the same cross section to manage the industrial traffic and extend the stormwater infrastructure.

Project Background / Summary: 

This project will realign the Lakeview Boulevard approach to Jean Road. Presently, Lakeview intersects Jean at a 45-degree angle, creating difficulty for drivers maneuvering turns at the 3-leg intersection. The realignment will bring Lakeview to a 90-degree angle with Jean Road. The public improvements will include curb and gutter on both sides, a sidewalk on the north/west side of Lakeview Boulevard, accessible pedestrian ramps at the intersection and driveway reconstruction. A stormwater pond will also be constructed in the remnant Lakeview right-of-way to treat the roadway runoff.

Intersection of Lakeview Boulevard and Jean Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Project Details
WO 240
Project Contact: 

David Kudna, Project Manager

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