Landslide Susceptibility Mapping

In December of 2013, DOGAMI released a landslide susceptibility report and accompanying maps that are expected to aid land use and emergency planners in northwestern Clackamas County and could help make area communities safer.

Funded in part with FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant monies and with collaborative financial support from Clackamas County and several local communities including Lake Oswego, DOGAMI performed in-depth analysis of available landslide data and developed a series of maps which depict those areas that are most susceptible to future landslide potential.

Read the DOGAMI news release describing the project completion.

Additionally, a short video presentation of the project, prepared by DOGAMI, can be viewed here:

The report, Landslide Hazard and Risk Study of Northwestern Clackamas County, Oregon, describes the project in detail including explanations of the existing landslide inventory, definitions of deep-seated and shallow-seated landslides, mapping and analysis protocols, risk analysis, assets at risk and loss estimations. View the Open File Report O-13-08 and related appendices.

The map coverage available for the Lake Oswego area is divided into quadrants. Each quadrant includes two maps, one showing areas susceptible to deep-seated landslides and a second showing areas susceptible to shallow landslides.

Click on the links below to view maps:
Deep-seated Landslide Map
Shallow Landslide Map