Lead and Drinking Water - Free test kits available

The main source of lead in drinking water is typically from household plumbing or components associated with service lines. The City offers free lead testing to its water customers. If you are concerned about the levels of lead in your home, you can pick up a test kit and instructions at the main reception desk at City Hall, 2nd floor. This testing kit is for water only, not paint or other surfaces (test kits for lead paint are available at most hardware stores). For questions about lead testing or your drinking water, call the Water Treatment Plant at 503-635-0394.

Water Treatment Plant staff respond to water customer requests for lead samples. In 2016, of the 25 homes, churches and day care facilities tested in Lake Oswego at the owners request, all samples have been below the US Environmental Protection Agency action level of 15 parts per billion and the majority have had no detectable lead in the water.