Odd Tasting, Odorous, or Colored Water

If you are experiencing odd tasting, odorous, or colored water there are basically two causes that could be occurring:

  • A problem with the City of Lake Oswego source water.
  • An interaction of disinfection agents with a build-up of organic material in your home's plumbing system.

The City of Lake Oswego can come to your neighborhood and flush the main water line on your street. This will help clear the lines and introduce fresh water into your home. Please call the Maintenance (503) 635-0280 to request this procedure.

If you believe the source of your taste or odor issues is in your home's plumbing system or you would like to read more on this topic please read the Water Taste and Odor Problems page.

If you are experiencing colored water in your home's plumbing system there are a variety of sources that could be causing this discoloration, please read the Colored Water page.