Our Water

The source of 99 percent of Lake Oswego's water is the Clackamas River. Our water continues to meet or exceed all Federal and State standards. Find out more about how we treat our water and how to deal with problems affecting your home's water.

Water Quality Reports
These reports are prepared annually and mailed to every household in the City as required by the 1996 amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).  Use these annual reports to further your understanding of our drinking water.

Water Conservation
Find out all about how you can conserve this life-sustaining resource by linking to our region-wide water conservation program sponsored by the region's water providers.

Fun Facts
How much water does it take to make today’s newspaper, a hamburger, or fill a bath?  Check out the fun quizzes available here.

Water Treatment
Find out how the process of water treatment works and how we do it at our plant.

Other Materials: