Rat/Rodent Control

To help control rats and rodents at your home, cover your garbage cans with a tight metal cover. If a can has holes in it, replace it with a new one. Store soap powder, dog food, rabbit food, nuts, and food in rodent-proof containers or in places inaccessible to rodents. Keep your yard clear of dog bones, old vegetables, fallen fruit, etc. Garbage and brush piles attract rodents. Raise rabbit hutches at least a foot off the ground. Clean up grain and feed at night. If you must store lumber, boxes, books, and old papers in your yard or basement, pile them on platforms at least one foot off the ground and away from any walls. Cover vents with screens. Repair holes in the foundation of your house. Check and repair spaces around pipes with metal collars.

The City does not complete any requests regarding above ground rodents.  If you have seen rodents coming out of the sewer system and can provide us with a specific location, we will bait the nearby manholes.  We also address any issues of rodents coming out of your plumbing fixtures.  Please call Public Works Maintenance at 503-635-0280, if you are experiencing any of these circumstances.