Sandbags Available to Lake Oswego Community Members

The City offers sand and bags to residents of Lake Oswego. Sand and bags are available at Hazelia Field, 17800 Stafford Rd (parking lot). Overhead lights will be on throughout the night so that citizens can fill the sandbags more easily. Community members can take as many bags as necessary, but will need to fill their own bags. Some shovels are provided. Sandbags will be available until the risk of flooding recedes.

Tips for filling and placing bags:

  • You may want to bring your own shovel in case others are being used.
  • Use proper lifting techniques to avoid injury and fatigue. Lift with your legs and bend at the knees to save your back.
  • Fill sandbags one-half full.
  • Fold top of sandbag down and rest bag on its folded top.
  • Take care in stacking sandbags. Limit placement to three layers, unless a building is used as a backing or sandbags are placed in a pyramid.
  • Tamp each sandbag into place, completing each layer prior to starting the next layer.
  • Clear a path between buildings for debris flow.
  • Lay a plastic sheet in between the building and the bags to control the flow and prevent water from seeping into sliding glass doors.
  • Floodwaters can be polluted. Use rubber gloves and appropriate clothing if contact with water is unavoidable.

To help avoid potential flooding, clear leaves and other debris from storm drains near your property. Never remove a storm drain cover or attempt to clean a drain located in a busy street.

If you have any questions or would like to report flooding or other storm-related issues, please call Public Works at 503-635-0280.

Remember to keep your sandbags - you many need them again this winter.

Other sandbag locations: