Smart Water Meter Project

The City is updating outdated, manually-read water meters to a new, wirelessly-read technology. These smart meters support efficiencies in our water system and improve customer service.

We are replacing nearly 12,000 residential meters city-wide and 300 commercial/multi-residential meters. More than 10,500 residential meters have already been installed throughout the city. 

A contractor (Olson LLC) has been hired to install the new meters.  In 2024, work will continue on the southside of the lake. Once residential meters have been installed, work will begin on commercial and multi-residential meters. All new smart meters are expected to be installed and in service by end of 2025. 

Neighbors will be notified in advance of the work taking place on their street through posted signage. During water meter change out, water service will be temporarily interrupted for up to 20 minutes. Work will be taking place between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. 

If you experience any water-related issues immediately after meter change out, please call the contractor directly on 971-563-3128. 

There will be no rate increase or surcharges as a result of this project. It might even help you reduce your water consumption and save money.

Benefits of Smart Meters:

  • Online customer portal
  • Monitor household water consumption
  • Set conservation goals to encourage saving water and money
  • Consistent monthly billing periods
  • Leak alerts to the consumer and Public Works for scheduling quick repairs
  • Increase City’s responsiveness

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the new system being installed & how does it work?
    • The new system is called Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). The upgraded meter sends real-time data through cellular technology to the City. This data allows the City to more effectively monitor for leaks and residents to monitor consumption on an online portal.
  • Why is the City installing smart meters?
    • Currently, the City contracts for manual meter reading services, which cost roughly $90,000 per year. Additionally, City employees spend significant time following up on reports of leaks, unusually high bills, and obstructed or misread meters. The new AMI system eliminates the need for physical reads as meters can be read remotely through a secure wireless network. This will provide more frequent and accurate recording of water usage. Leaks can be detected faster and promptly addressed. Customers will be able to monitor household water consumption and set conservation goals through an online customer portal.
  • Will City of Lake Oswego water rates increase with the new meters?
    • No, Lake Oswego water rates will not be increasing to pay for this updated technology. This upgrade is being funded through cost saving from the Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership project.
  • Will AMI cause my water bill to increase?
    • AMI meters ensure that customers are billed for the water they use – no more and no less
  • Are there any health hazards associated with the new technology?
    • No. The equipment operates at a low-power radio frequency, comparable to a cordless telephone. All equipment operates in compliance with state and federal communication standards. Water meters are typically installed away from the house so potential exposure is very limited. 
  • ​​How much time does it take to change out the meter? How long will my water be off?
    • Typically, a meter change out takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. The exchanging of meters is quick and not complicated! The water to your house is shut off, the old meter is removed, the new smart meter is installed, and the water is turned back on. It's that easy!
Contact Information

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