Special Events

To promote success and ensure safety at local events - such as parades, charity walks, festivals, block parties, etc. -  the City often requires event organizers to complete a permit:

Special Events

There are numerous community events throughout the year. As a means of encouraging "special events," the City makes its streets and public right-of-way available to civic, private and community groups.

To promote the success of special events, ensure the safety of event participants and spectators, and minimize public inconvenience caused by the event, a Special Event Permit should be obtained.

Block Party

A "Block Party" is a gathering organized by residents of the neighborhood abutting the street to be closed, for their enjoyment. For a successful block party, a Block Party Permit should be obtained.

Film / Photo Shoot

Production companies and photographers feature the beauty of Lake Oswego in their work. In some cases, a Film/Photo Shoot Permit is needed.

For more information regarding Special Permits, Block Party Permits or Film/Photo Shoot Permits, call 503-675-2549.

Special Event Banners Over Roadway

Special event banner signs are temporary banners that are hung over the roadway to advertise upcoming events in or near Lake Oswego. Depending on the location of the banner, their hanging may need to be coordinated with the City, the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Portland General Electric (PGE).

For more information regarding Special Event Banners Over Roadways, contact the Planning Department at 503-635-0290.