Stormwater Code and Design Manual Project Advisory Committee Information

Project Schedule:

  • Draft Code - December 2011
  • Draft Design Manual - April 2012
  • Draft Policies and Procedures - May 2012
  • Final Manuals and Code - Fall 2012

Public Involvement: The goal of the communication program is to create an open and transparent process that provides the opportunity for interested members of the public and internal staff to participate in the development of codes and supporting materials so they understand and feel ownership of these changes at the end of the process.

City staff will work closely with an advisory committee to prepare recommended updates. The committee will provide input on proposed code changes before recommendations are presented to City Council for adoption. Committee meetings are open to the public and anticipated to begin in October 2011. The advisory committee will represent  the interests of Lake Oswego, including: City Council, City staff, Natural Resources Advisory Board, Sustainability Advisory Board, local developers, Tualatin River keepers, Oswego Lake Watershed Council, Tryon Creek Watershed Council, Neighborhood Associations, citizens.

PAC Members:

  • Alex Hurley, AKS Engineering
  • Bill Tierney, City Council Representative
  • Brian Wegener, Tualatin Riverkeepers
  • Bruce Goldson, Theta Engineering
  • Corrina Chase, Tryon Creek Watershed Council
  • David Gilbey, LO Public Works
  • E. Jay Murphy, Sustainability Advisory Board
  • Jeff Ward, Lake Oswego Corporation
  • Justin Wood, Home Builders Association
  • Rob Amsberry, LO Public Works
  • Stephanie Wagner, NRAB & Oswego Lake Watershed Council

Upcoming Meetings and Open Houses:  Public meetings will keep residents, businesses and developers informed of the process. You can learn about upcoming meetings below.

Why Now?
The timing of this project is driven primarily by the City's NPDES-MS4 Permit, a requirement of the Clean Water Act. Municipalities operating stormwater systems are required to obtain a NPDES-MS4 permit to discharge into waters of the State (like Oswego Lake or the Willamette River). Lake Oswego is included under an MS4 permit issued to a group of Clackamas County jurisdictions. The permit is due to be reissued in the Fall of 2011, and then the City must respond with updated codes and policies to meet the new requirements. Here are the reasons for pursuing this project now:

  1. New permits require Lake Oswego to change some of the ways it addresses stormwater in the City
  2. This project also addresses several City Council goals.
  3. It addresses the Community Vision outlined in the City's Comprehensive Review process - to be "Good Stewards of our environment" - When asked what aspects of Lake Oswego's natural environment they believe will be of most value to them and future generations in 25 years, most respondents said healthy watersheds (Source: This effort is one very tangible way for the City to work toward achieving that goal.
  4. The public needs and deserves an easier and more cohesive process - stormwater requirements are not organized in one place, they can be hard to understand and difficult to implement.
  5. Changes can make our stormwater treatment facilities more effective, attractive, and better at protecting Oswego Lake, Willamette River, Tualatin River and Tryon Creek and our other water resources in the community.
  6. The regulatory agencies and Lake Oswego City Council have supported a shift to low impact development.
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