Street Trees

Street Trees/ROW Trees are an important amenity to the City. They provide shade, habitat, and beauty. Street trees in the right-of-way adjacent to the property are the responsibility of the property owner to maintain. Trees in medians and other public areas, such as Parks, City reservoirs, etc. are maintained by the City.

Street trees are required to be trimmed to provide a minimum clearance of nine (9) feet above the sidewalk/walkway and 13.5 feet above the roadway. The right-of-way provides safe movement and parking for vehicles, as well as room for pedestrians and cyclists. To promote safety and protect the traveling public, the City requires property owners to remove obstructions that renders the right-of-way unsafe and creates a risk of damage or injury. Please do your part to maintain the vegetation adjacent to your property.

Tree Trimming - If your tree needs to be trimmed and you do not have the time or ability to do it yourself, please contact a local arborist who can provide this service for you.

The City of Lake Oswego requires a tree removal permit for most trees on private and public property. Please contact the Planning Department at 503-635-0290 for more information. Or follow the link to the on-line tree permitting website and application.

Hazardous Trees can be a threat to life and property. If you see a tree that is part of or adjacent to the public right-of-way and is potentially hazardous, e.g. broken branches, leaning trunk, etc. please contact Public Works Maintenance at 503-635-0280 for assistance or an evaluation.