Tips From Allied Waste Services

Collection Tips
We have some helpful reminders on how to prepare materials for collection. Preparing materials properly will help keep neighborhoods cleaner.

Windy Days

  • Bag loose and lightweight materials.
  • Place lids on cans securely.
  • Bundle and bag newspapers and scrap paper.
  • Bundle cardboard.

Rainy Days

  • Cover recyclables so the bags don't break when collected.
  • Keep the lids on and secure so the cans don't fill with water and become overweight.

Snow & Ice

  • Place your materials in a location that doesn't pose a safety hazard to the collectors.
  • Collection may be delayed when conditions become severe, especially in areas of steep terrain.

Vacation Credits
We would like to remind our residential customers with summer vacation plans to please call ahead to receive credit for missed collections. Allied Waste Services customers may receive up to four vacation credits per year for periods of less than one month. Should you be out of town for over a month we can temporarily stop your account until you return.  Call Allied Waste Services at 503.636.3011 for more information.

Yard Debris
Yard debris goes in the green cart. During the spring and summer, our customers may require additional yard debris collection. We would like to remind everyone to be sure to clearly label yard debris in additional cans or carts as "Yard Debris Only". This will eliminate confusion with the collectors. Yard debris may also be placed in unmarked "Kraft" bags in bundles. For more information visit Allied Waste Services