Water Management and Conservation Plan

On April 11, 2008, the Oregon Water Resources Department issued a Final Order approving the City of Lake Oswego’s first Water Management and Conservation Plan (WMCP or “Plan”).  The purpose of the Plan is to guide the development, financing and implementation of water management and conservation programs and policies to ensure sustainable use, without waste, of publicly owned water resources while the City plans for its future water needs.  In 2008, the cities of Lake Oswego and Tigard entered into an intergovernmental agreement to jointly plan, fund, construct and operate an expanded water supply system for the benefit of their respective communities.  This regional approach to meeting the current and future water supply and infrastructure needs of growing communities is the driving force behind the City of Lake Oswego’s need to update its Plan.  This updated Plan:

  • Reflects community values and the City’s sustainability goals;
  • Establishes a prioritized list of conservation measures and practices to pursue to meet regulatory benchmarks and self-imposed performance targets;
  • Guides the City’s future investments in conservation programs; and
  • Is a blueprint for the long-term use, sustainability, and development of the City’s water supply.

To view the Plan please see the attachments.

Water Curtailment Plan

The City of Lake Oswego takes seriously it's commitment to ensure a supply of water adequate to meet the needs of its citizens for consumption, recreation, public health purposes, sanitation and fire protection. View the Water Curtailment Plan for more information.