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Street Opening Permit Application

Permit to Work in the Public Right-of-Way or Public Utility Easement - LOC 42.04.110

All construction activities in the public right-of-way or within public utility easements require a street opening permit issued by the Engineering department.  The street opening permit application form must be filled out and submitted with a map illustrating the work to be performed and all work must comply with Lake Oswego Code (LOC) 42.0, Streets and Sidewalks and the City’s specifications and regulations and any additional permit conditions.  In addition, all work performed must be in compliance with LOC 52.02.040 Erosion Control, LOC 55.08.020, Trees, and traffic control requirements.

Street Opening Permit fees are as follows:

  • $50 - Sidewalk and Driveway Approach (New)
  • $150 - Minor work in the gravel shoulder not requiring sawcutting
  • $300 - When the work requires asphalt or concrete cuts
  • $300 - Water/Sewer or storm drain main taps

In all cases, the work site must be returned to a condition as good or better than it was prior to excavation.

Additionally, any work performed on a road which was paved within the last 5 years requires grinding and paving of the excavation site to restore the road to its previous condition.  Standard details depicting typical repair are as follows:

  • S2-01 Vertical Curb Detail
  • S2-02 Standard Curb and Gutter Detail
  • S3-01 Sidewalks
  • S4-01 Sidewalk Ramp Details
  • S4-05 Commercial Driveway Approach
  • S6-01 Water and Sewer Backfill Details
  • S6-02 Trench and Patch Detail for Utility Cuts in Streets where Geotextile is Present
  • S6-03 Trench Patch

Contact Engineering at 503.635.0270 or 503.635.0284 or by e-mail to determine if the roadway was paved within the last five years.

NOTE:  An approved permit is subject to revocation if any regulations or specifications/permit condition are violated and the permit shall automatically expire if work is not begun within one year of the date of issuance.

Please fill out the application information below and click SUBMIT when complete. This will automatically generate the application for review.


Use this to attach supporting documents.

Accepted formats: jpg, png, gif, pdf, doc, and docx.
Maximum file size: 32MB (32,000KB)


Call the OREGON UTILITY NOTIFICATION CENTER for locates a minimum of two working days before you dig, drill or blast, "It's the law" (811).


The Applicant is hereby authorized to engage in construction activities in the public right-of-way or public utility easement as set forth herein illustrated on the approved plans. All work shall comply with the approved plans, the City’s specifications and regulations, and special conditions stipulated on this permit, on the approved plans, or as directed by the City Engineer or designee during the performance of the permitted activity. Approval of the plans is to ensure general compliance with City Code and does not relieve the Permitee or its contractors from their respective duties in complying with any applicable Federal or State law or regulation, Changes in scope and/or changes to line and grade from that indicated on permit application and drawings shall void this permit.

Specifications for pavement cuts and excavations in the right of way or utility easement:


  1.  Employ traffic control/signage methods per the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). On jobs where a specific traffic control plan is required, work shall not commence until the plan has been reviewed and approved by the City.
  2. Keep one travel lane open at all times unless otherwise approved by the traffic control plan.
  3.  See ORS Code 810.200 Traffic Control and City of Lake Oswego Traffic Control Application:


  1.  Pavement cuts shall be backfilled with cold mix or covered with secured steel plating at the end of each workday until the final patch is placed. Cold mix will be placed around steel plate. Overnight gravel patches are prohibited on a traveled way. Temporary patches shall be regularly checked and maintained.
  2. If steel plates are used, "STEEL PLATES IN ROAD" signs must be installed in accordance with the MUTCD.
  3. All pavement including driveway crossings and curbs shall be saw cut prior to final repair.
  4. Existing concrete surface of longitudinal cuts made for removal of curbing from gutter pans shall be wire brushed and coated with Sikadur 32 Hi-Mod or Sikadur Hi-Mod Gel (Sikastix 390) and allowed to tack just prior to addition of concrete.
  5. Saw cut slurry will be vacuumed as the cut is made.
  6. Excavated spoils will be loaded directly into a truck. Fill material may not be stockpiled in the street overnight. Temporary deposits of fill material shall be placed on a tarp, or thoroughly clean surface subject to item 7 below.
  7. Concrete wash water, saw cut slurry, mud or other debris may not be washed into the City’s storm or sanitary system or deposited in the right-of-way.


  1. Granular backfill shall consist of ¾” or 1” minus crushed rock mechanically compacted to 95%, per ASTM D1557. Rock shall meet City of Lake Oswego rock specifications as identified in base leveling courses for paving and surfacing (see Technical Specification 02520).
  2. CDF (flowable cementious backfill) shall meet City Specifications (see Technical Specification 02200). PAVEMENT


  1. Pavement patching shall be installed in a minimum of two lifts of Level 2, 1/2 inch dense hot mix or warm mix asphalt. Edges shall be tack-coated, seams sealed and sanded. Asphalt patches shall match the thickness of the adjacent pavement, but shall not be less than 3 inches thick..
  2. Results of all compaction tests shall be submitted to the Engineering Division.
  3. Notify the City’s construction inspector prior to installing the final pavement patch (503.635.0284). Any patch installed prior to inspection is subject to additional testing and/or removal at the Applicant's expense.
  4. Potholing for utilities shall be circular holes using a vacuum device. All potholes shall be filled with CDF or 3/4 minus crushed rock to bottom of AC. AC shall be replaced to same thickness as existing.


  1.  All storm and sewer taps will use ROMAC tapping saddles.
  2. Laterals in the R-O-W will be 6 inches with 6 inch clean outs at the property line in conformance with City of Lake Oswego Engineering Dept. standard detail B-4.03A


1. Noise generating equipment is limited to the following hours of operation by the City’s noise prohibition ordinance (LOC 34.10.539): Weekdays 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; Saturdays 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sundays and Holidays 10:am to 6:00pm.


 1. See Lake Oswego Code 52.02.040, Erosion Control (


1. See Lake Oswego Code 55.08.020, Tree Protection (

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