Wireless Facilities Policy & Permit

As new technology emerges, the use of wireless devices and data usage has drastically increased. However, as data usage has increased, carriers are needing additional small cell wireless infrastructure to supplement service. Small cell infrastructure allows for an increase in coverage and data bandwidth.

Throughout the nation, wireless providers are approaching municipalities to seek permission to place their small wireless infrastructure within the public right-of-ways. Most often, providers are asking to place their infrastructure on existing streetlight poles and utility poles. City staff is working collaboratively with carriers and providers to develop these wireless facilities design and placement standards. 

City Council adopted Ordinance 2820 to formalize the design and placement standards of wireless facilities in the public right of way. The Wireless Facilities in the Public Rights of Way Policy coincides with effective right-of-way management, retains the City’s aesthetic values, and adheres to the Federal guidelines, while still allowing wireless carriers to provide service throughout the City.

Any carrier or providers looking to deploy wireless facilities within the City of Lake Oswego jurisdiction is required submit a Wirless Facilities Permit Application with supporting documentation, obtain a City of Lake Oswego Rights of Way License and Business License, and a $860 nonrefundable application fee. Any carrier or providers wanting to place equipment on a city-owned pole or streetlight must also execute a site agreement with the City and pay $750 fee per pole placement annually. Council adopted Resolution 19-03 establishing right of way usage fees, including wireless facilites permitting. 

If you have any questions about wireless facilites permitting or design standards, please contact the City at ROW@lakeoswego.city



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