Residential Organics Collection

Hello Lake Oswego! Welcome to our LOComposts information portal! Everything you need to know about composting in our City is located here. Lake Oswego is proud to offer curbside composting to its residents, just like Portland and Forest Grove!

Ok, but what does this even mean? How much extra work will this be for me?

Put simply, you can add food waste to your yard debris bin. Essentially, if it goes in your mouth, it can go in the bin. Food waste includes:

  • All food, inclusive of meat, bones, dairy, fats, grease, etc.
  • Coffee grounds, including the filter. In fact, these are encouraged as coffee grounds help minimize the smell.
  • Tea bags
  • Greasy pizza boxes
  • A limited number of food stained paper products. Remember, used napkins and paper towels cannot be recycled, so if you use them to wipe up food, they can go in your yard debris bin on a limited basis. However, if they have household cleaners on them, please keep them out and throw them away.

There is no change to your collection schedule or frequency. All waste, recycling, and yard debris will continue to be picked up weekly.

We have put together a series of educational and entertaining videos to help you learn the ins and outs of how the composting program works. Let the beautifully bearded retired Portland Timber and LO resident, Nat Borchers, teach you how to be a master composter!




With general questions about the program, please contact:

Amanda Watson, Sustainability Program Manager, 503-635-0291,

Other Materials: