Land Use Case File
LU 05-0038
Hearing Body
Development Review Commission
Hearing Date
November 7, 2005

Dreambuilder Homes, LLC (O)

Planning Resources (A)

Location of Property

17935, 17975, 18055 Pilkington Rd.

Tax Map/ Tax Lots
TM: 21E 18 CA  TL: 500, 501, 600

The applicant is requesting approval of a 15-lot single-family residential planned development that includes the construction of a public street.  The applicant is also proposing to remove 24 trees to accommodate the development.

Staff Report Pt. 1
Staff Report Pt. 2
Staff Report Pt. 3
Staff Report Pt. 4
Staff Report Addendum, November 4, 2005
Additional Exhibits Received
Notice of Decision
Findings, Conclusions and Order
City Council Findings, Conclusions and Order