Land Use Case File
LU 06-0039 (Ordinance 2464)
Hearing Body
Planning Commission
Hearing Date
July 31 , 2006

City of Lake Oswego

Location of Property and Tax Map(s)/Lot(s)


Inquiries regarding this proposal may be directed to

Sidaro Sin, Associate Planner, at (503) 635-0290 OR

Kim Gilmer, Parks and Recreation Director at (503) 697-6500


The City is in the processes of applying for several land use applications in anticipation of constructing an artificial turf field, a dog park and parking area on approximately 12.1 acres located on the east side of Stafford Road and the eastern terminus of Overlook Drive (north portion of Luscher Farm).  In order to develop the property, the City must first apply for the following land use applications:

  1. Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment (LU 06-0039) – Proposal modifies Goal 14 (Urbanization), Policy 1 to allow the City to expand the Urban Services Boundary in the Stafford Road area to include lands identified for parks and those less than two acres that abut the City on two sides.

  1. Urban Services Boundary (USB) Amendment (LU 06-0037)

    The proposal is to amend the City’s USB to INCLUDE:

    • Four City parcels (tax lots 400, 500, 2800 & 2900 - 12.1 acres) and apply an R-15 and the Sensitive Lands Overlay in applicable areas.
    • Two private parcels (tax lots 2600 & 2700 - 1.8 acres) and apply an R-15 (Low Density Residential) zone/designation and the Sensitive Lands Overlay in applicable areas.

    And to REMOVE:

    • One City parcel (tax lot 1100 - 9.7 acres) located in the northwest corner of Stafford Road and Rosemont Road from the USB.
  2. Voter Approval Annexation (AN 06-0007) - In 1998, the voters approved an        amendment to the City’s Charter that required voter approval of annexations of urban reserve lands in the Stafford Road area.  The proposal to annex these six parcels comprising 13.9 acres is proposed to be placed on the September 19 ballot.  On September 5, staff will recommend that the Council tentatively approve the annexation, subject to voter approval.
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