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Industrial and Commercial Stormwater Program

The City is implementing a new program which includes inspecting commercial and industrial properties/businesses to help prevent pollutant discharges into our local rivers and streams. A 30-day public comment period closed on October 31. A City Council meeting on the code changes and program was held on November 21, 2023. 

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Permits, Plans, and Reports
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    Help Reduce Localized Flooding

    To help reduce localized flooding and help keep storm drains flowing at peak performance, the City encourages residents to clear leaves and other debris from storm drains near their property. A quick sweep with a broom or rake will easily clear off a catch basin and keep our drainage systems flowing properly. Remember, never remove a storm drain cover or attempt to clean a drain located in a busy street.

    Put leaves and other yard debris in your yard waste bins for easy removal and recycling. Do not put leaves onto the street.

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    Business Requirements

    Helpful stormwater information relevant to industrial and commercial properties 

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    Report a Spill or Water Quality Issue

    It is against the law to allow anything other than rain water to enter the stormwater drainage system.

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    Erosion Control Permit and Information

    Lake Oswego is committed to protecting the environment of the city and the surrounding area through its Stormwater Management Utility. In an effort to further protect our water sources, Erosion Control Permits are required for construction projects. Read on to learn more. 

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