Landscape Equipment Survey

Survey for Lake Oswego Residents and Property Owners

The City of Lake Oswego is exploring possible incentives and education programs to encourage landscapers and residents to switch from gas-powered landscaping equipment to electric equipment. We are currently conducting a survey of landscaping companies, residents and property owners about their use of landscaping equipment. The goals of this survey are to:

· Gather input to help the Sustainability Advisory Board make recommendations to the City Council. 
· Identify incentives to encourage and facilitate the transition to electric landscaping equipment.

Visit this link to fill out the survey:

The survey will be open through May 31, 2022. [Survey is now closed.] Your responses will only be used for research purposes and remain anonymous unless you choose to provide contact information for project updates or additional information.

If you have questions or comments please contact Amanda Watson, Sustainability Program Manager, City of Lake Oswego, at or 503-635-0291. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the City administering this survey?

Over the past few years, community members have raised concerns around gas-powered landscaping equipment. These concerns include noise levels, hours of use, environmental impacts (emissions and air quality), and impacts on the health of equipment users. One of the goals in the City's Sustainability and Climate Action Plan is to reduce exposure to toxins, including by investigating strategies to reduce exposure to diesel emissions from gas powered lawn equipment and diesel construction equipment. This survey will inform the recommendations of the Sustainability Advisory Board to City Council on possible incentive and/or educational programs the City can undertake to support a transition away from gas-powered landscaping equipment in Lake Oswego. 

What is the City doing to address this issue?

The City has taken action to transition away from gas-powered landscaping equipment in City operations. In 2021, City Council approved a contract for electric-only equipment with the contractors that maintain the right of way and several other City properties. In 2022, the Parks department approved a multi-site maintenance contract that will use all-electric handheld landscaping tools (e.g. leaf blowers, trimmers). Parks Maintenance is also transitioning their own landscaping equipment to electric models when probable. 

Where can I learn more?

In 2019 the Sustainability Advisory Board wrote a memo to City Council on options for addressing local air and noise pollution from gas-powered landscaping equipment that includes background information and links to other resources. You can read the memo here