Recycle at Work

Workplace Sustainability and Recycling

Workplaces are in a unique position to take meaningful action to reduce environmental impacts. When businesses become more environmentally responsible they can benefit their individual business and the communities they operate in, and help us meet statewide goals.

Business recycling, waste reduction and sustainability initiatives in Lake Oswego span industries, materials, and focus areas with a focus on informing new businesses of local requirements, reducing food waste, and promoting leaders in our community.

Implementation partners

The City works in partnership with Republic Services of Lake Oswego (formerly Allied Waste) and Clackamas County to provide recycling and waste prevention resources for Lake Oswego businesses.

  • The City of Lake Oswego manages the contract with Republic Services, reviews garbage rates to determine if adjustments are necessary, and sets rates annually.
  • Republic Services (503-­636-­3011) provides garbage, recycling, and food waste collection service.
  • Clackamas County Sustainability & Solid Waste (Business Support | Recursos para negocios 503­-557-­6363 or provides free technical assistance, signage, internal collection bins, and more to help your business reduce waste. See the Business Assistance flyer.

Business Recycling Requirements

Since November 2009, Lake Oswego businesses are required to recycle all types of paper, plastic bottles and round plastic containers, metal, and glass. The Business Recycling Requirement is a regional effort to increase the collection of acceptable recyclable materials. See Lake Oswego Code, Chapter 60, and Metro's web page for background information. Clackamas County Sustainability & Solid Waste (English | Spanish) provides free hands on assistance, signage, internal collection bins, and more to help your business recycle right.

Food Waste Reduction

Beginning Mach 2022, implementation of a regional food waste requirement (English | Spanish) begins and many businesses across the Metro district will need to comply by 2023. All food businesses generating more than one 60-gallon roll cart of food scraps per week will be required to separate food scraps and keep them out of the landfill by composting, donation or upstream prevention practices.

Clackamas County Sustainability & Solid Waste business advisors provide free personalized assistance and supplies to all business in the county impacted by this requirement. They can help you set up a food scraps compost program, coordinate service with Republic Service, connect you to food assistance programs for donations of surplus food, and share examples of best practices in preventing food waste. Learn more here: (English | Spanish). You can also learn best practices in food waste reduction from food services industry leaders in our region through videos, case statements, and workshops from the statewide food waste reduction campaign Food Waste Stops with Me.

Commercial organics (food scraps) collection service is available from Republic Services.

Get Recognized!

Showcase your business and be recognized for your company's sustainable practices. Leaders in Sustainability is a comprehensive program recognizing businesses that have committed to minimizing waste, reducing energy use, conserving water and giving back to the community. See which businesses are leading the way and how you can get your business recognized for your sustainability efforts.

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