Sustainability Apps and News

In addition to the resources included on the City's sustainability program pages, there is a wealth of information related to sustainability out there. While the internet is a great place to search, there are also an increasing number of apps available to help you manage your energy, waste and travel patterns conveniently from your mobile device.


Home Energy use

Check out this great summary by inhabitat of a few of the apps that can help you manage home energy efficiency! Many of them are listed here as well:

EnergyUFO: Real-time energy monitoring that allows you to manage appliances remotely. Wifi needed. Apple only. Free.

Green Outlet: Identify which appliances are using the most energy and calculate their average monthly cost. Apple. 99 cents.

JouleBug: turn sustainability into a game! Daily tips and rewards for energy savings. Apple and Google. Free.

Sustainable food and shopping

EWG's Food Scores: Search by food to learn about hidden chemicals, pesticides or unsustainable harvesting. Apple and Google. Free.

GoodGuide: Products rated from 0 to 10 on health, environment and social criteria. Apple and Android Market. Free.

HowGood: search social and environmental sustainability ratings for over 120,000 products. Apple and Google. Free.

Lifestyle Tips and reminders

GiveO2: Monitor the carbon footprint of your commute by any mode. Rewards and coupons available for shrinking your emissions. Apple and Android. Free.

Locavore: Find nearby farmers markets, local markets, and farms and search recipes. Apple and Android Market. Free.

Rippl: Developed by the Ocean Conservancy, sends you tips, allows you to make customizable alerts to bring a mug or reusable bag etc, create goals, and track progress. Apple. Free.

Waste reduction

iRecycle: Recycling can be complicated! This app lets you know what can be recycled, what needs to be disposed of, and provides contact information for your local collector. Apple and Google. Free.

PaperKarma: Photo-based app allows you to take pictures of your junk mail to remove your name from distribution. Apple, Google, Windows Store. Free.

Tap Buddy: Kick the bottled water habit! App helps you find and share water fountain locations. Apple and Google. Free.

City Resources

To delve more deeply into sustainability, visit the Lake Oswego Library, where you will find an excellent collection of books and videos related to sustainability. 

To get involved in community events, check out the City’s community calendar and volunteer opportunities page.