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Lake Oswego Public Library

Historical Fiction April 2015

Black Dove White Raven by Elizabeth Wein

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New in May 2015

Deception's Pawn by Esther Friesner (Princesses of Myth, book 2)
Maeve begins her royal fosterage but her new companions are full of secrets and jealousy, her only friends are an elderly lady-in-waiting and Kian, the prince who rescued her kestrel, Ea, and her future promises only household management and childbearing until someone from her past brings a message about her true love.

New in April 2015

Black Dove White Raven by Elizabeth Wein
Having moved to Ethopia to avoid the prejudice of 1930s America, Emilia Menotti, her black adoptive brother Teo, and their mother Rhoda, a stunt pilot, are devoted to their new country even after war with Italy looms, drawing the teens into the conflict.


New in March 2015

Razorhurst by Justine Larbalestier
In 1932, in Sydney's deadly Razorhurst neighborhood, where crime and razor-wielding men rule, two girls with contrasting lives who share the ability to see ghosts meet over a dead body and find themselves on the run from mob bosses.

New in January 2015

Hidden by Donna Jo Napoli (Companion book to Hush)
When a marauding slave ship captures her sister, Melkorka, eight-year-old Brigid is lost at sea but survives, disguised as a boy, and sets out to rescue Melkorka, and as the years pass she becomes a woman, reputed to be fierce enough to conquer a man, but desirous only of reuniting with her family.

X: A Novel by Ilyasah Shabass with Kekla Magoon
A novel based on the events of Malcolm X's early life.