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Title: Iron Works Poster Year: 1889
Photo ID: 2498 Dimensions: H 11" x L 8 1/2"
Format: Photograph (Black & White) Condition: Good
Collection: Oswego Heritage Council Repository Lake Oswego Library
Notes: B & W photograph of a sepia colored poster published as a supplement to "The West Shore," Portland, OR. [Captions]: Mines and works of the Oregon Iron and Steel Co. at Oswego, Oregon; Blast furnace plant; Pipe works; View of works; Crane in pipe works; Tualatin Valley from the new mine; Old mine; Blast furnace. Same image as 191 a, b & c. The library also owns an original framed and an unframed copy of this poster.
Notes on back: None
Duplication rights: Credit Lake Oswego Public Library
Keywords: Mines; charcoal; plants; pipes; stacks; smelters; etchings; newspapers; trestles; carts; Mount Hood; steamboats; Willamette River; carts; rails; tracks; tunnels
Subjects: Boats and boating; Bridges; Buildings -- Commercial; Covered bridges; Pipe foundry; Railroads; Rivers; Trees; Landscape; Steamboats; Iron Industry