Printable Forms


Tree Removal Application -  Application for Type I, Type II, Dead, Hazard, Emergency and Verification removal of non-invasive trees. For invasive trees see the Invasive Tree Removal Application below. Type II applications require the Type II Checklist and Public Notice below and must be submitted in person at City Hall. The Tree Hazard Evaluation Form may be required for Hazardous tree removal applications. 

Type II Checklist and Public Notice - Required checklist and notice form for all Type II tree removal applications. For details on the Type II process please see Steps For Type II Tree Removal.

Tree Hazard Evaluation Form - Find a Tree Risk Assessor Qualified Arborist to determine if your tree is a high or extreme risk by searching with the International Society of Arboriculture's Find an Arborist tool.

Invasive Tree Removal Application - Application to remove an Invasive tree. Check the Invasive Tree Species Identification Guide or the Invasive Species List to identify invasive tree species.

Tree Protection Application - DEMO and Plumbing - Tree Protection Application for demolition and plumbing permits.

Tree Protection Application - General - Tree Protection Application for building permits.

Large Forested Tract Tree Removal Application - Application to remove trees from a site with at least 1 acre of continuous tree canopy.



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