About the City Manager's Office

Pursuant to the Lake Oswego City Charter, the City Manager is appointed by the City Council to carry out council policies and to serve as chief administrative officer of the City. The City Manager manages the business of the City and implements the Council's plans and orders by:

  • Coordinating the work of all City departments and employees (see City's Organizational Chart)
  • Enforcing City laws and applying Council policies
  • Expending monies as approved by the City Council
  • Making recommendations to the Council on legislation, financial programs, capital improvements, policies, services, and other matters as requested
  • Keeping the Council informed of the City's business and financial condition; appointing, suspending, or removing City employees under his jurisdiction (subject to union contractual stipulations)
  • Investigating and acting on complaints

The City Manager is one of three appointed Charter Officers of the City of Lake Oswego. The two others are the City Attorney and Municipal Judge. Each serves at the pleasure of the Council and are appointed and removed by a majority of the entire Council. Compensation for an appointed City officer shall be fixed as the Council may direct. (Charter, Section 12).