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Adopt a Shelf

Our visitors appreciate well-organized shelves. By adopting a shelf or stack, you can help improve their experience tremendously.


Lake Oswego Public Library
Adult Community Center Volunteers

The Lake Oswego Adult Community Center relies on a consistent and established volunteer workforce to successfully operate the multitude of programs and services offered to the 50+ community. Shown below is a list of programs in which we partner with volunteers.

Adult Community Center
Boards & Commissions Vacancies

Are you interested in serving your community?  Parks, transportation, sustainability, development pique your interest? Consider becoming a member of one of our Boards & Commissions! 

Learn more about boards and commissions opportunities and fill out an application online.

Plus, watch a short video to find out what current members have to say about their experience!

Boards & Commissions
Book Drop Pick Up

Pick Up Books around Town:
Patrons drop off their library materials at any of four different drop boxes. As a volunteer for the Book Drop program, you’ll be driving to these drop boxes and collecting returned books, DVDs, and CDs.


Lake Oswego Public Library
Car Washing

Wash water from car washing activities typically contains dirt (sediment), soap (detergent/surfactants), gasoline and motor oil, as well as metals and oil/grease residues from exhaust fumes and brake pads. When this dirty water is allowed to flow into storm drains, it travels directly to our local creeks and rivers without treatment.

Public Works
Community Gardens

General Information about the Community Gardens

Community gardens connect people of all ages and backgrounds to the earth and each other. Gardening spans generations with grandparents teaching grandchildren the joy of planting a seed and watching it grow into food for the family table. People from other countries bring plants and cultures to share from their native homelands.

Luscher Farm
Delivering Books to the Booktique

The Booktique is a used bookstore at Mercantile Plaza operated byThe Friends of the Library. Profits from the store are returned to the Library as grants. As a book delivery volunteer, you’ll be transferring materials donated by the Library to the Booktique.


Lake Oswego Public Library
Farmers' Market Volunteering

Volunteering at the Lake Oswego Farmers' Market is a wonderful way to enrich the community, meet new friends and appreciate the complexity and intricate details of the Market.

Farmers' Market
Genealogical Services

Provide Genealogical Assistance:
Many patrons need help researching genealogy. As a Genealogy Volunteer, you’ll be there to guide them through the process.


Lake Oswego Public Library
Healthy Watersheds Car Wash Kit

The goal of this program is to reduce the water pollution risks associated with car wash fundraising events.   As part of the program, the City has made available a free sump pump kit that prevents soap and used-washwater from entering the storm sewer system. 

Public Works
How Can I Help?

Whether you are a parent looking to pass on an old ping pong table or a local business looking to contribute to Lake Oswego youth, we need your help!

Parks and Recreation
Library Cart Revising

Preparing Book Carts for Shelvers:
Our shelvers are a crucial part of our ongoing library services, and key to their performance are the cart revisers.


Lake Oswego Public Library
Library Teen Advisory Board

Volunteer on the Library Teen Advisory Board and make a difference in your community. For students in grades 9-12.

Public Art Committee Announces Search for New Committee Members

The Arts Council of Lake Oswego and the City of Lake Oswego announce the search for new committee members for the Public Art Committee. Members must live, work, or volunteer in Clackamas County and have a sincere interest the placement and preservation of art.

Storm Drain Marking

The goal of the program is to help remind our community that anything that is poured down the storm drain or collected with rainfall ends up in our local rivers, streams and Oswego Lake.

Public Works
Volunteer Opportunites at Luscher Farm!

Luscher Farm has several opportunities for volunteer assistance. Come learn first hand what organic gardening is all about. We have opportunities for children, families and adults, including:

Parks and Recreation
Volunteer Sites

City of Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego Library
Year-round opportunities are available at Lake Oswego Library for students ages 12-up.

Lake Oswego Public Library
Volunteer with Parks & Recreation!

Get Involved in Parks & Recreation!

Parks and Recreation
Volunteer Your Time

Since 1988, the Lake Oswego Public Library has enjoyed a strong tradition of community volunteer support. Over 400 volunteers take part in making the library a thriving community center—contributing 11,045 hours just last year—and we’re always looking for more help! Volunteers range in age from twelve to retired.

Lake Oswego Public Library