Welcome to Laserfiche WebLink
Welcome to Laserfiche WebLink
Welcome to the City of Lake Oswego’s Quick Search Guide using Laserfiche

The City of Lake Oswego has implemented an electronic records repository called Laserfiche so citizens can access public records simply, conveniently, and at no cost. You may search using the most commonly requested records below:

A simple search can also be used if you just have a name, address, date, or any other information using the search text box below:

Within Laserfiche you can search for “text” within a document. Please note, this might result in several documents as it will pull ALL documents associated with that word. To refine your search, enclose your search in quotes which will result in documents specific to the phrase you requested. For example, if you search Ordinance 1624, every word containing Ordinance and/or 1624 will appear. If you search “Ordinance 1624”, only documents containing both words will appear. For more advanced search fields, click on the HELP tab on upper right.

Public records not available through Laserfiche can be requested through a public records request found on our website. Please note that we are currently in the process of adding more city records to Laserfiche. We will have much more available for you to search from as we continue to scan and upload our electronic and paper records.

Thank you for your patience!

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