About the Youth Leadership Council


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In July 2016, The City Councilors of the City of Lake Oswego approved the creation of a Youth Leadership Council to encourage youth community involvement. The City of Lake Oswego Youth Leadership Council will provide local high school students a forum to exchange diverse opinions on matters of importance to their peer group with the City Council. The Youth Leadership Council will be moderated by city staff, but it will be led by the youth. The founding members of the Youth Leadership Council will have a strong hand in shaping the group's purpose, activities, structure, and other groundwork.

The Youth Leadership Council (YLC) consists of 10 members and one alternate who must be of high school age and reside in the City of Lake Oswego. YLC members serve either one or two year terms.

The YLC meets the first Wednesday of the month from 5pm-7pm. Meetings alternate between the Main Fire Station Conference Room and Council Chambers. All Lake Oswego youth are welcome to attend. This year, all meetings are streamed on Zoom. Please look for our posted agenda for the zoom link!

2020-2021 Youth Leadership Council

Mete Bakircioglu, Chair

Sofia Marin-Quiros, Chair

Jayden Hill, Secretary

Nidhi Nair, Secretary

Dylan Langford, Treasurer

Kendall Kaelin, Treasurer

Zev Green, Publicities

Ellie Tanimura, Publicities

Trinidad Marin-Quiros, Publicities

Hannah Daniel

Quinn Edgar



Massene Mboup, City Council

Jenny Slepian, Sustainability and Management Analyst


For questions about the program, please contact Jenny Slepian at jslepian@lakeoswego.city