Youth Leadership Council Application

The Youth Leadership Council is an advisory board made up of 10 high school age teens that live in Lake Oswego and want to serve and engage in their community. This is your chance to exchange your ideas and opinions with your peers and determine what is best for the City of Lake Oswego from your perspective.

As a Youth Leadership Councilor, you will be working on exciting community projects that you create, shadow City Councilors at events, and sponsor other City events. The Youth Leadership Council is new and developing, and this is your opportunity to be shape the future of LO for youth. City Council and staff will also provide guidance, mentorship, and assistance. Currently, the liaisons to the YLC are Jenny Slepian and Councilor Jackie Manz.

When applying, keep in mind that Youth Leadership Council requires you to spend 5-10 hours a month on meetings and other activities. There is a 30 hour annual service requirement. Some events are mandatory, and you may only miss 2 meetings per year. The Council meets monthly, from 5-7pm on Wednesday nights. Every other meeting is in Council Chambers. This is the perfect opportunity for a high school student looking to put their energy and passion into a primary extracurricular activity! Youth Leadership Council meetings will resume in September, 2020, either virutally or (hopefully!) in person.

When completing, as with any public document, please keep in mind that all information provided on this application is subject to disclosure in accordance with Oregon Public Records Law. We look forward to reading your application! Council appointments will be made by the Youth Leadership Council.

This year we will be filling 5 full member positions for two year terms (incoming seniors will serve one year). The deadline for this application is June 15, 2020. We will contact all applicants for a Zoom interview with our current Youth Councilors shortly after all applications are received.

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Please complete the online form below.  Applicants will receive acceptance confirmation on the webpage upon submitting the form, followed by an email confirmation of receipt.

Part of that interview will include a speech you will give about yourself, what you have done in the past, and what you plan to do in the future if you were selected as a youth leadership councilor. Three minutes maximum will be alloted for each speech. It does not have to be memorized as notes and supporting media are allowed. For questions, please call Jenny Slepian at 503-635-0291.

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