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Community Development Activity Report

The Activity Report is a monthly snapshot of activities for the Planning & Building Departments.  

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Current Estimated Plan Review and Inspection Times, as of May 2024

Residential Structure permits 4-6 weeks for first review

Commercial Structural and commercial mechanical permits are 4-6 weeks for first review this includes revisions and deferred submittals

* Simple sign permits and other like items have faster turnaround times.

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Lake Oswego has joined the State of Oregon's full-service e-permitting system. You can now apply for permits, check the status of your permits, and schedule inspections online.

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Residential Demolition

New Residential Demolition Tax and Demolition/Deconstruction Requirements Go into Effect December 15, 2022
All residential projects which remove 50% or more of the surface area of exterior walls or perimeter foundation are required to obtain a residential demolition permit, fulfill neighborhood noticing requirements for demolitions, and pay the City’s Demolition Tax.

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Removal of Racial Covenants

Have You Checked Your Deed?

Some residents may find discriminatory language in their property deed that restricts homeownership based on race. These restrictions, known as racial covenants, are illegal and no longer in effect. However, because so many of them remain in deeds and CC&Rs, some states, including Oregon, have adopted laws to help homeowners remove them from their deeds. 

Learn more about how to remove restrictive covenants from your deed.

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Application Completeness Review

Application Completeness Review program for new single family residential building permits. This pilot program is intended to reduce the overall time it takes to issue permits when no land use decision is required. It also seeks to improve the quality of plan submittals and avoid complications once construction begins.

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No NSFR or new commercial structural applications accepted after 11:30 a.m.

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